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Our project, which rises to the sea in the first parcel on the coast of Kartal, fascinates those who see it with its unobstructed view of the islands. The dazzling, panoramic view of all apartments opens the doors to a peaceful home life.

Our project comes to life on the Coastal Road, which is famous for its lush parks, flower gardens, walking and cycling paths, jogging tracks, children's playgrounds and eating and drinking venues. The 12 km Coastal Road stretching from Kadıköy to Tuzla is one of the most beautiful locations in Istanbul.

  • Outdoor / indoor parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Walking paths
  • Running tracks
  • Bike path
  • Rich green space and stunning landscape
  • Outdoor playground for children
  • It offers you a brand-new living space opportunity with its restaurants and cafes!
Plan Type Size [m²] Price Range
2.5+1 Duplex 161-188 m² 592.000$ - 701.000$
3+1 Standard 138-220 m² 545.000$ - 797.000$
4+1 Standard 253 m² 1.212.000$ - 0$