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S-298 Eyüpsultan DESCRIPTION

Our project awaits you with its distinguished architecture and location in Eyüpsultan, the historical district of Istanbul.
Elegance, Comfort and Quality with You Elegance, comfort, quality and functionality, all the features you need are here! Delicious Moments, Magical Fragrances

With modern kitchen furniture, you will find more than what you expect from a house and bring your delicious tables together with your kitchen.

Combination of Harmony and Style...

You will find every detail you need under one roof in the rooms designed with modern architecture.

Quality and Elegance..

Enjoy your bathroom with stylish, tasteful, high quality and functional bathroom design.

In the heart of Istanbul with easy access from anywhere...


A sportive life that beautifies your life with every detail…

  • indoor fitness room
  • outdoor basketball court
  • outdoor soccer field
  • bike path
  • Running and walking Path
  • Child park
  • Sauna
  • Turkish bath
  • steam rooms
  • private security guards
  • 24/7 active security cameras
  • Parking Garage,
  • Detailed fire extinguishing equipment and much more..
Plan Type Size [m²] Price Range
1+1 Standard 79 m² 159.000$ - 168.000$
2+1 Standard 122-124 m² 238.000$ - 252.000$
3+1 Standard 157-171 m² 330.000$ - 348.000$
5+1 Standard 218-233 m² 440.000$ - 467.000$